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About Belle Tige

Dr. Katrina Gillette received a PhD in horticulture, and with her love of plants created a special and unique skin care line made from organically  grown roses. Belle Tige skin care features fresh hand picked roses that are blended into formulas that will benefit and beautify your skin. Roses protect, heal, and nourish skin with antioxidant and fatty acids, and with fresh garden to bottle ingredients Belle Tige roses deliver the highest quality possible. Roses are part of ancient skin care rituals, and we believe that daily practice and use will not only nourish your skin but your spirit as well. Only natural blending ingredients are used, some of which have been used for centuries such as honey, clay, plant oils, raw sugar, whole herbs, and Dead Sea salt. Consistently using gently detoxing skin care rituals will help your skin flourish and have a soft glow.