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The Intimates of Oil

Wow where do I begin to express the necessity of a high quality cold-preseed organic oil in your life. You can eat, wear, and sleep with it, literally. Olive is my number one oil, but coconut is a close second. Not all oils are created equal however. Even when it says  organic, it’s not necessarily high quality. The label must say that it’s is a single source, for example some oils are sourced from multiple different countries which really lowers the quality. I only buy olive oil that is a single source from Italy, and the brand I use is Colavita. I buy in bulk and use smaller dispenser for every day use. I also buy a tin not plastic container. I use it on my hair, on my skin for a great and pure body oil; I use it on my babies and I never ever put lotion on their skin. To me lotion is one of the worse things you can use, especially on babies, it’s really all about plant oils that quickly absorb into the skin .

Ok now for the personal part of this little story….. I love olive oil and coconut oil for that special time between me and my husband. It’s a wonderful intimate oil that is natural, organic, and best of all, edible, yummy lol!!! Of courses it’s edible it’s a natural plant oil for cooking, but in order to use it in so many areas of your life it has to be a pure and single source oil, no other will do. Usually you can tell by the price of the oil if it is blended with canola or grape seed oil, which aren’t bad but not recommended for skin and intimate uses.