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Soak and Scrub

Skin care junkies listen up! If you are obsessed with treating your skin right and feeling good, two of the most basic steps you can do is soak and scrub. A bath is the best way to deliver minerals and soften the skin in order to rejuvenate. After soaking for at least 20 minutes in herbs and mineral salts, and once the skin is softened, step two is exfoliating. Natural raw sugar, oils and sea salts are the basics for a good scrub. Raw sugar is high in glucol which brightens complexion. Adding herbs, spices and clays furthers the exfoliating experience. Belle Tige body scrubs use some the most effects ingredients to  help smooth, firm and tighten skin, helping to defy the aging process. Herbs such as green tea and cocoa powder deliver antioxidants; turmeric relieves inflammation; and clays and activated charcoal detox pores. Soaking and scrubbing in and with natural ingredients is such an amazing way to help rejuvenate  your skin and your soul. A little self care  always goes a long way and your skin will love you for it. All it takes is 20 minutes a day to relieve and pamper your skin for beautiful results.