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Me Time

Women take care. And no I wasn’t going to say of everyone, but hey lets be honest. We handle a lot of stuff, and it’s always, almost, good stuff. People, obligations, careers, children, home, etc. Often we balance work, kids, and home without a bat of an eyelash. We keep that milf status like nobody’s business, and we love it all, but sometimes a girl just needs a soak in some epsom salt and a facial at like 9pm. And that’s when our bathroom becomes our sanctuary. It’s true we don’t always prioritize ourselves first but hey we should always make at least the top five. No questions. After 9pm is when I indulge in my tlc for me, no interruptions and it’s always good. I fill my bath tub with hot water, epsom salt, essential oils and apply my favorite 20minute facial to rejuvenate my skin and my soul!

It’s important to set the intention to release the day and get ready for a nights rest so that you can make magic happen again tomorrow. After soaking and letting your mask sit for 20 minutes exfoliate the entire body face to toes, and never skip the booty. Shampoo w a gentle cleanser and rinse. After drying the skincare routine is the next important step to balance and hydrate all night long while you sleep. Using products with natural oils will help your skin recover from the day and leave you ready for more. A good skin care routine at night helps you sleep and invigorates you for the next day. A little self care with quality intentions and loving mantras take only a little while, And yet ensure your beauty of mind and self prevail.