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Autophogy In Skincare

Autophogy is the natural process of detoxing the cells. It’s essential for all living cells to function on healthy optimal levels. If you know how to increase your cellular autophy through healthly lifestyle and practices you’re cells are going to benefit. Certain foods, plants, and compounds can stimulate cellular turnover and is essential for the detoxification process. Even certain pure beauty products can stimulate cellular detox and rejuvenation of the skin. This is highly dependent on the quality (not price) of the product. If you want glowing bright healthy skin, using products that stimulate your skin cells is essential. Such ingredients include aloe, honey, raw salt and sugar, whole herbs, therapeutic grade essential oils, and food grade clays. Manual stimulation will also increase cellular turnover. Belle Tige Rose products have high concentration of antioxidants will help detox and purify cells function as well. The more raw and pure your skin care products are the greater your appearance will benefit.